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What is micro-investing?

Investing small sums of money, normally spare change. There are various apps that allow you to do this. You connect your bank account and they round up every transaction to the nearest dollar and automatically invest it. They normally withdraw the amount once a week and invest it weekly. Time is your friend in investing, especially with the stock market. It has historically outpaced inflation, small amounts of money over time grow into much larger amounts because it compounds, stocks tend to pay out dividends and you can reinvest those dividends, growing your investment even faster. Micro-investing allows you to start investing earlier than other methods that require a larger investment to start.

Why micro-invest?

This allows people who don’t have large amounts of money to get started investing. It also makes saving and investing a habit and it’s automated and generally amounts that most people won’t miss. I honestly logged into my Moka account the other day and was surprised to find that I had $200 in it. A couple of months ago I emptied it to buy concert tickets, I’ll probably use the amount in it as my spending limit when I go. I love to use it for small saving goals throughout the year, though with the current climate I’ll be doing it a bit differently.

Who should micro-invest?

Everyone should, as long as you can afford at least around $5 plus whatever the monthly fee is, I think you should start. Or if you don’t have that then read below about Drop, they let you ‘invest’ your reward points into cryptocurrency.  Moka has a feature where if you don’t have at least $20 in your account on Friday, they won’t withdraw any funds on Monday. Which I think is great that they will never put you into overdraft. Ideally, you won’t be in this position but life is never ideal. Beware that with the current market you’ll want to be able to keep your money in your investments as long as possible to take advantage of the low purchase price and hopefully be able to sell once values go back up again.

When should you micro-invest?

As early and as often as you can, I know they say we are going into a recession and inflation is the highest it has been in 30 years but remember you WANT to buy LOW and sell HIGH. This is when you want to be investing, you will want to have a low-risk profile and you’ll want to be able to leave it in your investments as long as possible.


I’ve mentioned Moka a few times in this post already because it’s the micro-investing app that I use so I know and have the most experience with it. Personally, I like it a lot. It allows you to create a TFSA, an RRSP, and different accounts for different savings goals with different investing rules. Depending on the plan you have what you can access

Moka connects to your bank account and rounds up all your transactions and invests the money. They withdraw the money once a week to invest. Once you connect your account, set your goal and then forget about it. I love being able to log in after every month or so and seeing how much I have been able to save.


Drop is a reward system. You connect your bank account and they give you points for shopping at certain stores. You can also earn points through playing their daily game, downloading games and accomplishing the required task and completing surveys. Your bank account does not need to be connected but connecting does provide some benefits. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or you can invest your points in either Ethereum or Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency cannot be transferred, you can convert it back to points when you want to withdraw and turn it into a gift card. At least 5,000 points are needed to invest (which equals $5) and at least 25,000 points are needed to redeem a $25 gift card. 

The biggest perk of Drop is that you are investing money you earn through the app, not money from your bank account. You can buy points but you have to buy them for more than what you can take them back out for so I don’t recommend that. I’ve been able to earn 5,000 points about every 8 days using their basketball game (2 plays a day earning around 300 points each play).

Mirco investing is a great way to get started investing with spare change or through reward points. The way that some micro-investing apps work can help you effortless save money off the change from your purchases. Investing this way allows you to invest earlier than needing to save up to invest the traditional way.

This post may contain affiliate links.

This means that I earn a small commission when you buy or sign up for something through the affiliate link. It will not affect the cost to you and I only recommend what I actually use and like.

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